Monday, May 14, 2007

Purpose of this blog

Distance Education Staff in the Office of Lifelong
From T-B, L-R: Julie Brown, Senior Administrative Assistant; Lynda Murphy, Director of Distance Education; Keith Restine, Manager of Instructional Design; Allison Mabry, Coordinator of DE Communications; Alli Peterson, Senior Instructional Design Specialists; and Mike Simmons, Assistant Vice President for the Office of Lifelong Learning.

The Office of Lifelong Learning at TWU is interested in assisting all online faculty members in a variety of ways. This blog is one way to send brief information about issues related to teaching and learning in the online environment. We will post tips, breaking news about online issues, information about free software, and announcements of interest to TWU online educators. We are piloting this format to allow you to bookmark the blog or subscribe to the blog so you can be informed when new information is posted. We want you to have control of how you access the information. If you are interested, we also encourage you to post comments about tips, tricks, and information pertinent for other TWU online educators.

The Office of Lifelong Learning provides leadership and support for online teaching and learning at TWU through leadership and policy. We are vested in developing appropriate structures, policies, and supports to advance the academic mission of the university through online education. We are here to answer your questions and to listen to your ideas about how to make your academic work more robust.

If you would like to subscribe to this blog, either fill out the email subscription form to your left, or subscribe via RSS. Whicheve way you choose, we hope you will find this blog relevant and useful.

We are happy to maintain this blog to help connect TWU online educators. Please provide us with information about issues and topics that you would like to see addressed on the blog. Contact Allison Mabry at with suggestions.

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