Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Why? Announcements are the most visible location in a course to place general information for all students in a course. Announcements work well to remind students about upcoming assignments and due dates, to announce that grades have been posted, and to provide an overview of upcoming topics. We encourage you to set a regular time to post announcements for the week to norm students to expect communication and information about the course on a regular schedule.

Did you Know? Permanent announcements always appear at the top of the announcements section and any new announcements that are non permanent will appear beneath the permanent announcements. We have heard of students missing these announcements and instructors wondering why their announcements do not go to the top of the page. We recommend that no announcements be created as permanent announcements. Announcements will come into Blackboard in the order you create them or when you schedule them using the Date function. Our strategy is to teach students that the View All tab allows them to see all announcements for a course (unless the instructor removes them).

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