Thursday, October 11, 2007

Finding Images for Your Online Course

The sites in this list will help you find iamges for your online course. Most have images whose creators have offered their material for use under a Creative Commons license.
If you’re not familiar with Creative Commons, here is their website with good explanation.

Flickr Storm - While this site pretty much does the same as Flickr’s own search tool, Flickr Storm allows the user to set up a search and then save them for later reuse. The advanced search also allows searching for Creative Commons licensed pictures.

yotophoto - Use this site to search the web (including Flickr) for photographs licensed under Creative Commons and other open license systems (copyleft)

Wikipedia free image resources - This section of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia offers a short list of links to pages all over the world that offer royalty-free and Creative Commons licensed pictures in specific subject areas.

National Science Foundation multimedia gallery - The US government has a large collection of images and other media that can be used for almost any non commercial purpose. This site offers a search tool to find them, most of which are oriented around science topics.

Image Base - This collection of stock photography by professional photographers is licensed for anyone to use for non-commercial purposes. This material is more sophisticated and general than some other sites in this list

PD Photo - Another large collection of public domain, royalty free stock photographs.

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