Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dealing with Gradebook Confusion

Several of the tools in Blackboard can be very helpful in that they create a gradebook entry when you implement the tool within a content area. However, this can often cause some gradebook confusion - especially if you have already created gradebook entries for certain assignments. For example: some of us actually have time to create gradebook entries for all assessments for the semester before the class actually begins. But, when you go into the content area and use the Assignment, Survey, or Test feature, this will create another entry in the gradebook. What do you do? The easiest way, of course, is to plan ahead for this! But, if you're like me, planning ahead is not always possible. So, here's how you can figure out those pesky duplicate entries and delete the ones you don't need.

How to Delete Extra Gradebook Entries:
Gradebook entries can be created two different ways:
1) by manually creating an entry in the Gradebook, or
2) by adding an Assignment, Test, or Survey within a content area.
To remove a Gradebook entry in Blackboard, you must remove it in the area in which it was created.

To remove an entry created in the Gradebook:
1. Click on the Gradebook option in the Control Panel.
2. Click on Manage Items.

3. Click on Remove next to the item you wish to delete:

4. If there is no remove option here, then you will need to remove the item from the content area in which it was created . . .

To remove a Gradebook entry created in a Content Area:
1. Enter the content area through the Control Panel.
2. To the right of the Assignment (or Test or Survey), you will see a Remove button. Click the Remove button:

This should take care of your duplicate entries. However, if you need additional help on this, please feel free to contact your friendly neighborhood instructional design specialist!

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