Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fall 2007 DE Faculty Development

Applying QualityMatters Elements to Your Distance Course
Wednesday, October 10th, 1 -2 pm, Denton-MCL 308, Dallas-Presby 109, Dallas-Parkland 229, Houston-IHSH 5305

Learn how to identify and apply many of the QualityMatters elements to your distance course. This presentation will identify QM elements that are easy to add to your course. You will see examples of verbiage for some of these elements so you have a model to adapt for use in your own course. Most QM elements focus on communicating expectations for the course and making these expectations available to students. See how to create an Online Course Policies and Procedures menu item to make this information available to students from any location in a course.

Managing Distance Education Coursework

Monday, October 22nd, 2-3pm, Denton-MCL 501, Dallas-Presby 109, Dallas-Parkland 229, Houston-IHSH 5305,

This presentation will cover effective online course management strategies, including:

  • Characteristics of good distance educators
  • Getting started on the right track
  • Developing your course for high efficiency
  • Time management: course overload, slow turnaround of assignments
  • Using course evaluations and student feedback in the course revision process

Thursday, November 1st, 10-11 am, Denton-MCL 501, Dallas-Presby 109, Dallas Parkland 229, Houston-IHSH 4305

TaskStream is a customizable electronic portfolio toolset. It is useful for developing and managing e-portfolios but one of the greatest strengths with this system is the ability for faculty to provide formative and summative assessments of individual artifacts or entire portfolios. For many programs or courses, portfolios offer a way for students to demonstrate competency and for faculty to assess competency in an asynchronous format.

Come and learn about TaskStream and how the TWU Instructional Design Team can help you build or redesign a portfolio for your program. This presentation will cover topics such as how to navigate TaskStream, what you need to build a strong portfolio, and how to use tools such as conducting reviews and evaluations of student’s work. We will also have time for Q&A and hands-on troubleshooting for those already using TaskStream.

Blogging as an Instructional Tool
Tuesday, November 13th, 11am-12pm, Denton-SH 308, Dallas-Presby 109, Dallas-Parkland 229, Houston-IHSH 4305

Interested in learning about educational blogging? This presentation will cover the basics: What is blogging? How are blogs being used for education? Who is using blogs? And, are blogs an effective educational tool?

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