Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dr. Nancy Hadsell earns a QualityMatters Recognized Course

The Office of Lifelong Learning is pleased to announce that Dr. Nancy Hadsell (Music) is the first TWU faculty member to have a QualityMatters™ recognized course. TWU’s MU2713 will join almost 30 other recognized courses from 2007 on the QualityMatters website. We are proud of Dr. Hadsell’s achievement with her online course and hope you will take some time to congratulate her. She is a great example of what can be done with this process since Dr. Hadsell teaches this online course once each summer.

The QM model uses a rubric and a peer-review process to guide the development and revision of distance education courses for continuous, quality improvement. It evaluates distance education courses for quality in the following areas:

- Course Overview and Introduction
- Learning Objectives
- Assessment and Measurement
- Resources and Materials
- Learner Engagement
- Course Technology
- Learner Support
- Accessibility

TWU is an institutional member of Quality Matters and has just finished the first year of the pilot project. For more information about Quality Matters, please visit http://www.twu.edu/dl/faculty/QMproject.htm.

Once again, our congratulations to Dr. Nancy Hadsell.

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