Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why Course Announcements are Important

Announcements can be used in a variety of ways to push important information to students in a single course. Announcements are one way for you to communicate to everyone in the course. In online and hybrid courses, announcements are the equivalent of standing at the podium and giving general information to the class.
Announcements are an important communication tool because they allow you to “write once so many can read.” This allows you to provide general information from a single location with the assurance that all students are receiving the information. 

  1. Use Announcements primarily for time-sensitive information (emergencies) and to talk to the entire class (general information).
  2. Develop a routine to post general information Announcements.
  3. Query your class about options such as pushing Announcement via email. This is a good feature for certain students and an annoyance for others.
  4. Learn how to “pin” an Announcement to the top of the Announcements page to control the order in which Announcements appear to students.
  5. Don’t use Announcements as your only communication tool in a course.
Announcements, along with email and/or discussion board responses, will support the importance of interaction in online learning and teaching.

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