Tuesday, November 1, 2011

QM Implementation Plan for Online Programs

As we come to the end of this month-long series, Allison Peterson, Instructional Designer III, closes with a discussion on TWU's Quality Matters Implementation Plan.

Programs which have made a commitment to implement the Quality Matters Rubric across the online/hybrid curriculum over an extended period of time, are eligible to apply for Quality Matters Recognition of an implementation plan.

In order to qualify, the program must submit for approval by the Quality Matters Academic Advisory Council, a multi-year written plan for QM implementation. There is no cost to the subscriber for submitting a plan.  The plan:

  • Should be a reflection of the specific goals and objectives of the program.
  • Must be approved by a senior academic officer of the institution: Dean, Provost or President.
  • Should include formal QM course reviews.
  • May include informal reviews, faculty self-assessments, faculty development workshops, other QM training, and other components that are unique to the program.
  • Must establish benchmarks over a three-year period
  • Must include the specific language the program will use to publicize Quality Matters Recognition.
  • Requires a brief written report to the QMAAC each year.
 The new program-level designation will include permission to display an approved QM seal and an accompanying statement on Internet and print materials.


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