Monday, August 22, 2011

Why In The World Should You Use Campus Pack?

This past summer semester, TWU upgraded Learning Objects’ Campus Pack in Blackboard 9.1.  According to Campus Pack, several improvements have been made, such as:

·        Mobile accessibility
·        Social networking for everyone
o   Connecting/ Friending
o   Internal messaging
·        Template enhancements
o   Ability to create personal templates
o   Easier to create and share templates
o   Maintain templates within the Personal Learning Space
o   Ability to develop hard coded templates
o   Using the Learning Objects Community, upload and access templates from other institutions, and others!

So you ask “Why in the world do I need to use Campus Pack in my online course”?  Well, their social media tools, including wikis, blogs, journals, blogs and podcasts, empower online instructors to build and implement assignments and activities that encourage collaborative work.  But what I like most is students are able to develop collaboration and peer evaluation abilities to prepare them for the workplace.  For additional instructions on Campus Pack tools and general Blackboard documentation, click on the following link: Blackboard 9.1 Documentation. 

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