Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Break Finally!

Well the fall semester is inching its way to a close, finally. I know for myself I am in the mode of wrapping the semester up and looking forward to a little R&R, then a fresh start for the spring semester. But wait! An important start to the spring can be made much easier if I take a few moments and reflect on the past five months. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you take a break:

· What went well in my online course?
· What road-bumps did I hit over the past semester?
· What student comments are fresh on my mind to help me tweak my course for the spring? · Are there instructions or details I want to add to my content that will help students in the future?
· Is there a way to reorder the course materials to make navigation easier?
· Was there a thought or idea for a new collaborative project that I wanted to explore?

A few notes now will make your work much easier in the spring to give your course a simple facelift. The new additions and changes will help keep it fresh for you and the students will benefit from the efforts you have put forward.

Have a great holiday break and see you all in the spring.

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