Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finding Full-Text Articles through the TWU Library Webpages

Find Full Text and Available TWU Library

What does it mean when you see these two phrases in a database?

As electronic collections have grown, the challenge is to find specific items through a variety of resources. The Find Full Text and Available TWU Library links enable you to efficiently access full-text content anywhere in the Library.

TWU Libraries provide access to over 180 databases and thousands of full-text journals.

Find Full Text

When you click on this link from an article citation in a database, you will be directed to a page that restates your search criteria and provides citation information. Below the citation, you will find the links to content showing the article, journal, dates of coverage and the resource or database where the article is located.

More Full Text Options takes you to the TWU Libraries Online Catalog and...
If the full text is not available, there is a direct link to the Interlibrary Loan Request Form.


Available TWU Catalog

When you click this link from an article citation in a database, you will be linked directly to the TWU Libraries Online Catalog which will display the citation(s) for the print and/or electronic versions of the journal that contains the article you are interested in.

Click on the electronic journal citation to see which databases contain online access to that journal. By clicking on one of the database options, you will be directed to a listing of the publication years for that journal that are covered by that database. Be sure to note the Year, Volume Number, and Issue Number for your article so that you can navigate through this listing.

If you need materials that are only in print, please complete the Interlibrary Loan Request Form and the article will be sent to you via e-mail.

You may also contact the Distance Education department of the Library for assistance finding and gathering full-text articles. Simply send a description of your search topic or a listing of the articles you would like to find to libde@twu.edu and our department will be happy to search for full-text articles.

Stephany Compton


  1. Stephany,
    This is great information for all DE faculty. Your group makes it so easy for faculty to locate what is needed. What a resource!

  2. Any graduate student in ENG 5083-50, Bibliography and Research Methods, who reads this post and comments will receive FIVE extra credit points on Project II. In the cause! Hugh Burns

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