Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ideas for Interaction

The level of interactivity has a major impact on the quality of learning in distance education courses. (Muirhead, 2001). Research studies on interactivity show that students have a real need to make connections with other students and with their instructors.

There are three main types of interaction that can occur in a distance learning course.
  • Learner-to-Content Interaction - students examining the course content and participating in class activities.
  • Learner-to-Learner Interaction - can take place between two students or between several students.
  • Learner-to-Instructor Interaction - reinforce student understanding of course materials and provide the student with feedback.

Do you need ideas for interaction? The following resources may spark some ideas for adding interactive activities to your course.

Examples of Interaction with instructor, peers, content

Online Teaching Activity Index

Interactive Activities Activity Samplers

Collaboration and Groups

TWU Tips - Socratic Questioning Techniques to Prompt Interaction on the Discussion Board

Using Planned Interactions

Muirhead, Brent 2001: Practical Strategies for Teaching Computer-Mediated Classes, in: Educational Technology & Society 4(2) 2001.

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