Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Screen Shots

Sometimes it is useful to take screen shots of materials, images or information to use in your online course. Here are some tips for a simple way to make screenshots.
Tip #1: Ctrl + Print Screen will take a screen shot of your entire desktop and copy it to your clipboard. From there you can paste the image into any program including Microsoft Word. Example:
Tip #2: Alt + Print Screen will take a screen shot of the current window. Example:

Tip #3: Alt + Print Screen also works with snagging just dialogue boxes! Simply click on the dialogue box you want to snag and press Alt + Print Screen. Example:

Trick #1:
You can use the Alt + Print Screen option then paste the image into Word and crop the image down even further! Example:
Trick #2:
You can bring attention to certain elements of screen shots by using Word’s shape tools. Example:



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