Monday, November 26, 2007

National Distance Learning Week - A Look Ahead

After looking at our current numbers and services to students and faculty, you might be wondering where our distance education program is headed. If things continue as they are, the possibilities of continued success are high.

“The future for alternative delivery of education has never looked brighter for TWU. As technology improves and faculty continue to innovate, students will have opportunities to participate in quality educational programs that fit their lifestyle and academic needs,” said Assistant Vice President of Lifelong Learning, Mike Simmons.

Be on the lookout for more distance education degrees and courses, as well as services for our students and training opportunities for our instructors. TWU is a leader in the distance education realm, and that is a place we intend to stay. Thank you to all the administrators, staff and faculty who support, develop and teach distance education. Thank you to the students who give us the opportunity to do so.

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